Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ80: pocket-sized but feature-packed

Helloooooo TZ80! The newest member of the ever popular TZ family. The TZ80 is the sibling to the previous TZ70 that was so highly regarded as one of the best bang-for-buck, all-round point and shoot cameras. So what is new and should you get the new TZ80?



The most noticeable difference is the grip design as it now protrudes a little further and is designed in a way that makes the camera easier to hold and handle.

Besides this subtle change, the TZ80 bears much resemblance to the TZ70 which has a proven layout and size combination.


Why TZ80 when Smartphone?

Smartphones will always have one limitation. Due to the thin profile of phones, it is impossible to add optical zoom without seriously affecting the bulk of the device. As such this is where point and shoots still shine brightly.

The TZ80 carries over the 24-720mm f/3.3-6.3 lens from its predecessor which allows it to be extremely versatile. From a wide angle to a telephoto zoom focal length, the TZ80 can do it all.

The TZ80 even as an AF Macro mode allows it to focus at a distance also of 0.03m at 24mm allowing you to take close up photos with nice bubbly backgrounds. At the same time you could then switch it back and use the point and shoot as a landscape shooter.


What are the other bells and whistles?

The new TZ80 comes with a touch screen (finally) which comes in much more handy than you would expect on a device like this. You can point on an object on the screen to select it for focus, changing settings is a breeze and browsing pictures is smooth. Also, TZ80 has amazing post-focus function that allows you to decide what to focus after you’ve taken the photo. 

Wi-Fi is also built in for quick and easy wireless transfers to your phone for that Instagram speed.


Image Quality

The TZ80 has a 1/2.3 inch sensor, taking photos with a resolution of 18.1 mega-pixels. The images from this device were beautiful, with great colors, contrast and clarity. It is a very consistent shooter and never fails to make me smile when I look back at the photos taken.


What else?

The TZ80 has a few special features that help to make capturing the perfect moment easier. For example, the TZ80 can take rapid burst shots which you can then extract individual 8-megapixel frames from. TZ80 also has a Lytro-esque post focusing system. This allows you to shift the focus of the picture during post processing. These amazing features were unavailable on the TZ70.



4K Photo & Video

The last greatest upgrade of the TZ80 is the capability for 4K. Like the GH4, the TZ80 can capture 4K video which we believe will quickly become the standard for video capture resolution. This means that the camera is future proof to when 4K televisions become more affordable, allowing you to re-watch your beautiful memories at full resolution on your TV!


Final Verdict

Ultimately, the TZ80 is a camera multi-tool that has many functions and features as well as a wide and versatile lens that allows it to be used whenever. This is the main reason of a point and shoot. Something small enough to carry without burden and something that is versatile enough that can account for all situations and requirements. The TZ80 meets all these conditions at a great and affordable price. It is a camera that will last you a long time and is great to have in the drawer for any situation be it travel, event or casual snaps!


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Written by eGlobal Central